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Start a baby furniture business

One thing that will never cease is people having babies even in a recession. Hundreds of thousands of new born babies arrive in the UK each year and the parents spend thousands in preparing for the new arrival especially with the development and decoration of the new nursery. Within that nursery the baby will have everything they possibly want. We look at the types of produce you can sell and how to develop your business.

Baby furniture products

The list of what you can sell is endless. Here are some items that can be sold as furniture and other associated products that most nursery and baby stores sell. Basicially most items are what you would find in your own bedroom or a childrens bedroom as a baby more or less needs the same products to store their clothes and accessories.

  • Baby Cribs
  • Bedding including blankets
  • Cots
  • Quilts and bumpers for cots
  • Moses baskets
  • Car seats
  • Baby clothes
  • Baby sleeping bags
  • Chest of drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • Changing stations
  • Chairs and tables

Many of the products come as sets and are based around certain designs that the large manufacturers use. Here's a site to show you what it's all about online for moses baskets.

Sourcing products

Most products can be purchased through wholesalers - just do a google search or you can have people drop ship the products to your customers. This is where you effectively make an affiliate sale to the supplier and they transport the product to your end customer. You take the sale and collect the money and pay your suppliers at the end of each month. This means you don't need to see the products or store them or take returns.

Promoting Your Shop

If you are thinking of having a shop on a high street make sure that it's in a good location and has good foot fall (people walking past) otherwise you may find not many people visit. It's not just the parents that purchase baby furniture as many friends and family will buy presents for the new born so you will have a vast array of people to market your business too.

Perhaps when people come into your shop and you ask them to be added to your newsletter mailing list you can get hold of grand parents and friends details so you can mail them also. For any business though you should have an internet presence so people can browse what you have for sale and make decisions in their own home. The best method is to have some form of online ordering process but if not make sure you can take telephone sales.