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Business Marketing

Marketing can appear either a waste of money or very complex for most small business owners but this is simply not the case. Marketing is not only essential to get more customers (or turn prospects into paying customers) but should be at the heart of every business strategy.

Marketing is not all about advertising, although it is an end result or by-product, and understanding what marketing is really about will transform your business and save you from undertaking promotions to people who are not your target audience.

Business Marketing Help

Use the following articles to develop marketing for your business today.

Writing a Marketing Plan

For most businesses needing to launch new products and services or a new business a marketing plan is going to help you target the right customers, understand the cost of the marketing and understand your market potential and trends (ie: your customers - as they make up the total market) a lot better.

A marketing plan need only be around 20 pages or so that summarises your objectives and how you are to achieve those objectives. It'll be an excellent document for you to refer to over time and if you need to communicate your aims to other people in your organisation or even external marketing organisations.

Once you have an idea of how many people you're going to turn into paying customers and at what profit you'll be able to develop an advertising and promotion campaign. These need not cost you an arm and a leg as a lot of marketing comms is free of charge (see the free marketing ideas above).