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Business Gas Prices

When it comes to keeping costs low one of the best places to start is with business utilities including electricity and gas. Most businesses don't actually keep control on this very expensive cost and simply let their energy supplier just charge what they think and leave it at that. But, if you simply keep with your current provider then they can increase your bills each year by as much as 50% and there is nothing you can do about it.

How to keep energy costs low for your business

The main part is to check prices online but you can only switch providers or get a new contract with your current supplier if you invoke the termination clause which could be burried deep in your current agreement. Before you can even think of changing your current deal you need to look into your current contract and see the termination clauses - and if you are able to do so this year write a termination letter and then check the online deals available.

Once you have sent the termination letter you are able to compare electricity and gas prices online by either getting a quote from the big six energy companies directly, by using one of the business energy comparison sites or by using a specialist broker. In essence the last two are the same as you can't actually compare business electric and gas prices directly online like you can with domestic fuel because this doesn't exist as yet. Finding the right company as an energy broker is easy and there are no fees charged for these services. They will take your basic details such as annual consumption figures or your annual bills together with your postcode for your business premises and find the lowest rates possible.

Because this is a commodity purchase really you should just be looking to get the best deal possible and not worry too much who your new supplier is. Visit any of the main brokers or energy providers site and you can get a quote in under a minute and just by doing this you could save 50% or even up to 70% off your current energy bills especially if you have been with the same supplier and contract for many years.

Including energy efficiency in the mix

Even if you can get new tariffs and lower your business prices for electricity and gas this is only one element in reducing your energy bills for your business. Having a planned programme in your organisation to introduce efficiency measures such as the basics like switching off lights, turning the air conditioning down etc can have the same dramatic effect on your bills as reducing the rates of your gas and business electric bills although perhaps not at the same level but estimates show that perhaps by 10% to 20%. Heating and lighting is an expensive commodity and anything you can do to reduce waste as well as reviewing your bills is going to make a big impact to your profit and loss account each year.

It also doesn't take much effort especially if you are not already communicating these types of messages in your organisation. There is plenty of help online from some of the government sponsored websites as well as general pointers from the green energy section of the business community. Energy is a cost, wholesale prices are on the increase and there is no need to let the energy providers increase your costs each year. For perhaps 10 minutes spent by getting online quotes or speaking with industry experts you could save your company a significant amount in fuel costs. So get those quotes today and see how much you can save your business.