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Unsecured Small Business Loans

How to get unsecure business loans from banks if you are starting a new business and need business loan finance.

Why Will you Need a Business Loan ?

If you are thinking of starting a new small business or have an existing business that you are expanding then it's likely you'll need some form of financing to get things started or to improve your immediate cash flow. This article shows you how to obtain unsecured business loan finance for small business owners.

Why Unsecured Loans ?

Certainly new business owners find things difficult when it comes to financing because a) they have no business and therefore no assets to secure any new debt against and b) they don't want to secure any business loan against their main personal assets for example their house because of the risk it imposes.

Existing business owners may also not have many real tangible assets in their business that they can secure debt finance against and are looking for unsecured loans - those loans from banks that are not secured against assets, ie: unsecured.

So what are the alternatives to business owners looking to secure a business loan at favorable rates?

Choosing an Unsecured Business Loan

If you search on the internet you will find many unsecured business loan providers but many will want to charge you an interest rate that could be three or four times the current bank base rate which makes it prohibitive to ensuring profits even exist in a business.

It's likely you'll secure finance at these high rates with relative ease as the lender mitigates their risk with the higher finance charges. But for most people this is not a route they want or need to take.

If you are tempted just to take a loan because it's available think long and hard about these high rates and start to shop around. And spend valuable time in your quest. There are many companies who want to lend you money and rates should be competitive these days because of the current credit crunch.

Mortgage rate lending is reducing so banks and other lenders are looking around at other profitable markets and unsecured loans is just one of them especially to business owners.

Start off your search with the major high street banks and look at all of the current offerings. During certain times of the year most banks and building societies actually have sales for most of their consumer lending and associated business products.

So take advantage of any deals that may be available to cut the rate of interest you may be paying.

But the standard most reliable method is to talk directly with your bank about your business and take along your business plan.

Major Banks Loans Unsecured

Lending in the standard way is still popular and probably brings about most success for budding entrepreneurs. Banks will lend to new businesses without the new business owner having to put up any collateral and there are also government based grant and lending schemes that the banks run to assist in getting new businesses started.

There are of course other methods to raise finance for a business. Debt financing covers bank unsecured loans as described above and also includes any monies you can get from friends and family or if you increased your own mortgage on your home. Equity financing is another way by selling shares in your business.

You should take advice before taking on any form of loan whether it's an unsecured loan or secured loan and this article does not form part of financial advice in any way.