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Business Broadband

Having a reliable connection to the internet is essential for all business users no matter how large or small the corporation is and there are plenty of offers from all the major suppliers for business broadband and most of the best deals are to be had online.

As most of the infrastructure is resold by British Telecom wholesale division the actual connections are mostly solid and in reality you are just selecting your provider based upon their customer service reputation and the extra items they bundle into the product you choose.

Most download speeds are dictated on how far away your premises are from the main telephone exchange you are connected to, especially if you are running a business from home, unless you are a larger business in a main city centre or have your own dedicated leased line (which is not covered for most broadband options). Where the headlines are for 30mb download speeds the likelihood of this actually happening are remote although most offices should be able to receive 6mb or higher these days as the investments into the technology is improving all the time.

Choosing the right business broadband packages can come down to the initial offers that are being promoted such as free monthly line rental or simply the first three months free if you are a new customer taking a new package.

Some of the bundled offers also include items such as free web hosting which can be useful if you run your own internet business or have a few web sites you want to host. Hosting in the UK generally costs around £50 to £100 for shared hosting so this is a nice saving to be had.

Almost all companies offering broadband for business customers also provide you with a free wireless router which is essential if you have a laptop or even a couple of desktop computers that you want to link up to your network but don't want all the cables lying around. Routers can cost upwards of £40 but they are not all created equal so look at the signal strength to ensure it's powerful enough to connect all the computers without having disconnection problems.

One of the most popular packages is from BT where you can get internet broadband from as little as £12.50 per month for the first 3 months although this has capped usage rates which is something to check when you are comparing companies.

If you are just using your internet for standard tasks such as email and general surfing then a capped limit of say 10GB per month should be fine but if you run an internet business or view videos online then you may want to look at unlimited usage.

Making sure that you have the right technology means spending time researching before buying business broadband packages and there are many introductory offers and free months rental to sway you to choose one company over another for business broadband.

Whatever you choose the options are endless and so are the promotions that are continually being run by all the broadband providers in the UK so spend some time researching and you'll be able to choose the right bundled system for your business.